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September 30, 2008

“Crocodile Rock” :)

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September 29, 2008

Our Girls….oh so pretty!

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Yesterday was a beautiful fall day here and it had been a while since I had the camera out to take some pictures of our girls.  So we headed out for a walk to a neat location nearby and caught a few cute moments.  It’s so hard to believe that Madie will be one in just a few short days.  The time just flies by…as all parents know.  I am so glad that we have developed this passion for photography that allows us to capture moments like these!

September 25, 2008

T & A’s Wedding…

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A couple of weeks ago Rhonda and I had the great honour and pleasure of being in our close friend’s Andy and Teresa’s wedding.  The day started out dribbly, but the sun shone through just before the ceremony and the event went off without a hitch!  We had a fabulous time and were able to squeeze off a few shots.  Andy and Teresa – we wish you two all the best…and thank you!

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September 21, 2008

A beautiful day….

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It was a busy weekend for Me Photography as I headed out to St. George to meet up with the H family.  A beautiful sunny morning greeted us at the apple orchard that the H family chose for their shoot location.  What a great spot!  I can certainly see why this place holds special memories for them!  Here’s a few sample shots from the shoot:

Later that day I travelled to Cambridge for a shoot with the G Family, who were all in town to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary.  This family’s high energy, enthusiasm and laughs made for a great time as we took shots by the river.  Here’s a couple samples:

September 5, 2008


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On Sept.1.08 Madie decided to take her first steps! Rhonda, Emma, Grandma and I were all lucky enough to be there when she did. Our little girl is getting so big!

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