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April 24, 2008


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We’ve been having some amazing April weather here. I even got a sunburn the other day….I just hope it’s here to stay. With this great weather the girls and I have been out and about a lot more which has been awesome.

Here is a picture of Madie sporting her cool hat!

Another big welcome goes out to baby H and his proud parents J & J.

Enjoy every moment as the time goes by way too quickly!


April 19, 2008

My apologies….

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So it’s been quite awhile….

I haven’t had the chance to take many pictures lately as the girls are sick and the weather hasn’t been great until this week.

So here are a couple…nothing spectacular. Just keeping my processing skills polished up.

Oh…how I wish she would smile for me once in awhile! I guess that’s what I get for always

having the camera in her face.

And this is just a picture of a wagon wheel from up at mom and dad’s farm.

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